Eltham Writers Group Ground Rules

We meet on the second Monday of the month between 7-9 pm at Tudor Barn pub, Well Hall Pleasaunce, Well Hall Road, Eltham, London SE9 6SZ

New Members always welcome.

Meeting are free.

The purpose of the group is to support fellow writers, provide feedback, and allow writers to develop and grow their craft.

For more information please contact us here.

Ground Rules


Members read their work. Each reading is followed by a detailed critical discussion.

To help facilitate the discussion the group is led by Joanna Sterling.

We aim to listen and discuss between three and four pieces of writing at each meeting.

All those who wish to read will be given an opportunity to do so over time.


Pieces of writing or story extracts should last for no more than 10 minutes long (about 1500 words). If your work is longer the group leader may ask you to stop to allow enough time for your work to be discussed and to allow others to read.

Work does not need to be finished, this is a support group. You may find it beneficial to receive comments on work in progress.

If you are unhappy with reading out your own work you may ask someone else in the group to read it for you. Please arrange this prior to the meeting, it is not fair to expect someone to do this at short or no notice.

Commenting on Work

Comments should be constructive and specific. For example, don’t say something is boring, but try to identify and express the reasons why you were bored hearing it. Suggest ways in which you think the piece could be improved.

Be brief. Comment on one aspect of the work at a time. Restrict your comments to the work under discussion rather than to the comments of others in the group.

Avoid being personal. You’re being asked to comment on the writing not the writer. Don’t assume that all first-person fiction narrators are the authors in disguise.

Try to think of something positive to say about a piece of work – we are all at different stages in our writing, and we were all novice writers once.

Avoid referring to the work of established writers, we are there to discuss each other’s writing not literature in general.

Autobiographical Material

Some writers use autobiographical material, it may be better to keep this to yourself, we are a writing group not a therapy group. But of course anything said within the group should always remain within the confines of the group.

Listening & reacting to comments on your own work

If someone says something negative about your work or seems to have misunderstood it, don’t rush in to protest. Think about why they have said what they have said and why they may have misunderstood your piece. At the end of the day you have the final say of what appears on the paper.

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