Val Spargo

How long have you been writing?

Forever and sometimes.

What are you currently writing?

A short story that seems to have ideas above its station and wishes to be a novel.

What influences and inspires your writing?

Life, people, places and other writers.

What are your ambitions for your writing?

To take it more seriously.

What is your preferred place and time to write?

Feet up, with my lap-top on my sofa, any time that I can discipline myself to ignore life’s detritus.

Who are your favourite authors?

It depends on the time, the place and my mood. I enjoy and admire work by Hilary Mantel, Helen Dunmore, Graham Swift, William Trevor, Paul Scott, John Le Carre and recently have been impressed by Milkman by Anna Burns. For non-fiction, The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman is an incomparable introduction to the start of the First World War and Peter Robb’s Midnight in Sicily remains a favourite and insightful commentary on that island.

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